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Chair Flair has some additional hire products to enhance your special day. Prices on application.


A well, designed to enable guests to safely and securely place money envelopes. You get the key, safe in the knowledge that no envelopes can go missing once placed into the well. Stands 81cm high. Not sure about asking for money, see how one bride tackled the request, sent with invitations, (author unknown)

A smaller table top well, designed for small envelopes. Again it locks, so monies placed into it are safe and secure. Two available one 50cm high and one at 73cm high.

Coming soon a white meduim sized well approx 70cm high.

Or you could say something like "Dear Friends, as you know we have most things for our house. At the reception there will be a wishing well to place your card and your contribution if you want. This will be a great way for us to pool the monies and buy a larger gift from all of you."

Need a red carpet to walk down!
1.2m wide and 3.66m long or use two.

A bridal arch to get married under, or to walk through to the reception. Covered in twinkling stars and white roses.
Sashes are not just for the reception, they make great decorations in the church.

Try a treasure chest (stands 25cm high) or antique well bucket (stands 52cm high) both are lockable.

Or, you could simply tell people if they ring up to ask what present they should get, that there will be a wishing well / treasure chest at the reception.

treasure chests
Roses, instead of sashes, or with the sash, we have a large supply of white or black roses.
For the corporate event we can supply black table overlays and black notice board covers.
Table sprinkles can also be obtained in a variety of colours, sizes and shapes.